Mammoth Jack
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Mammoth Jack

When they took their name from a mule traders' ad in Western Horseman, the members of MAMMOTH JACK (meaning “large donkey”) thought it the perfect name for themselves. The characteristics they share with their crossbred namesake are obvious: outstanding ears for a song, a hybrid of musical influences, and a stubborn streak to help them persevere on the crowded streets of Music City, U.S.A....

            The group bonded over their varied musical influences ranging from Merle Haggard to Keith Whitley, ZZ Top, to The Eagles, all of which notably share a salt-of-the-earth appeal. Replica Breitling

            MAMMOTH JACK went to the studio to record with Bobby Terry, a well known producer, songwriter, and musician in Nashville, TN having either produced, written, and/or played on recordings by many major artists, including: Trace Adkins, Faith Hill, James Otto, Tim McGraw, Anthony Smith, Brad Paisley, Montgomery Gentry, Trisha Yearwood, Hank Williams Jr., and many others.  The pairing of Mammoth Jack and Terry created the self –titled project, Mammoth Jack .

            The members of Mammoth Jack reject the attempts to categorize their music as anything but “real.”  That is who they are.   Their live shows are like a big party that the band is obviously proud to host.